We are a team of professionals from the travel industry made up of former tour operators and current marketing, SEO & social media specialists, travel writers & photographers. We don’t just talk the talk, we’ve walked the walk, been there, done it, explored and experienced it. We have checked out hotels from guesthouses and quirky but affordable small hotels to luxurious camps and palaces from standard rooms and tents to palatial suites. We have sampled the menus, trekked the mountains, been on tiger safaris, walked with elephants, and ridden camels, Enfield motorbikes and Marwari horses. We have visited forts, been blessed at temples, shopped in markets, met the best local guides and tried all the varieties of Indian wines. We have even learnt the basics of the language! But most importantly, by having lived in India collectively for over 18 years, we have discovered what truly makes her special.

Indian Experiences uses this expertise in order to provide consultancy services to travel agents and tour operators, DMC’s and hotels. We will look at your company brand, your client demographic and then use our extensive product knowledge to help you in creating a product portfolio which will truly give you a USP in the market. We also provide website design and writing services as well as providing content for websites, itineraries, marketing and social media campaigns. If you would like to be kept up to speed on what is new in India or would like to branch out into a new area, we will provide product updates either in house or via webinars. Please click on the link to see the full list of services which we offer.

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We travel a lot and in doing so, we have stayed in some great hotels and have met some excellent experience providers and specialist operators all of whom do what they do from a passion point. Their aim is to showcase to you what makes their little bit of India special to them. We are all about featuring people who are as passionate about showing you their India as we are, and have therefore put together our preferred hotels collection together with our Experience Providers and Specialists Operators sections in order to showcase these people who we truly believe, can enhance your clients holiday experience. Whether a meal at home with a family or a textile tour, a horse safari or supporting an NGO or the perfect hotel offering an authentic experience, you will find them all here.

Temple, after fort, after palace. There is so much more to India than this. Indian Experience’s list of Preferred Partners makes sure of it. Showcasing a living location by the people that live there. It goes without saying: there’s no better way to experience a place, than through the eyes of a local. Our Preferred Partners know their product inside out. In fact, they’ll take you to the places that even the locals don’t know about. From culinary walks through the backstreets of Lucknow to cycle tours in Old Delhi, you’ll see a totally new side to these historic destinations. Our selection of Preferred Partners ensures an exciting, expertly-curated, and most importantly reliable experience.

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What is your dream in India? Is to stay in somewhere fabulous and five star, or in a village home in a remote region of the countryside and truly understand what live in the heart of the country is like? Would you like to stay at a luxury tented camp with rescued elephants or in a chic boutique stay in a tea plantation? Is staying in a plantation home and learning about coffee and the life of planters something that appeals to you or discovering temples and wildlife in an area just a short drive from the Taj Mahal but a million miles away from the bustle of that city? Our preferred hotels are a selection of experiences and that is what they all have in common. They are not all luxurious, they vary from the very basic to the ultra-luxurious but what they all have in common, is their passion of the hosts in ensuring that your stay encompasses some truly wonderful Indian Experiences.

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Ever thought about a motor-cycle tour of Ladakh? Or learning how to block-print in Rajasthan? Covering multiple destinations, Indian Experiences’ selection of Specialist Operators will create a tour for you like no other. Whether it’s your first or thirty-first trip to India, a special interest group or you’re just looking for something different: Indian Experiences guarantee that curated list of Specialist Operators are the best in their field. You name the location and we’ll showcase it in an entirely new way.

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Let us create a product portfolio for you which will allow your clients to explore, discover and experience an India like no other…..
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