15 Questions in 5 Minutes with Pradeep Murthy of Muddy Boots, Kerala

Pradeep’s love of the outdoors and all the associated adventures that come with it, spurred him to starting Muddy Boots – the rest is history. Here are his 15 Questions in 5 Minutes:

1. Who you are (naturally!)
An eternal optimist

2. What inspired you to create your business?
I always loved the outdoors and thought there was scope to do something professional and high quality in South India

3. An anecdote which epitomizes your India?
A crazy 15 min ride to catch the overnight bus to Wayanad with a drunk auto driver. I was late and offered him double what he “asked”. The journey usually takes 40mins or so. Not sure if I did the right thing.
But that’s how it is. Things go all wrong, you do more wrong things, but then it becomes alright.

4. One thing that you can’t live without?
My glasses

5. One thing that you hate?
Ego and cockiness

6. If  you could change one thing about India what would it be?

7. Who is your greatest inspiration?
Too many to list

8. What is your favourite quote?
“In the very end, civilizations perish because they listen to their politicians and not to their poets” – Jonas Mekas

9. I have noticed huge changes in India over the last few years but what is the biggest change you have noticed in India over the last 10 years?
Loads of change all over, but from a tourism perspective, more people want experiential holidays, not just vacations

10. What do you think are the biggest challenges India faces over the next ten years?
Remaining a functioning democracy in letter and spirit

11. Which is the destination at the top of your bucket list?

12. What is the one place you visited that you have NO desire to return to?

13. Book or Movie?

14. Just for fun! I am doing a survey to find India’s most popular breakfast, what is yours?

15. In retrospect, what is the one thing you wish you could have told your 20 year-old self?
Everything that happens happens for the best. It will sort itself out (i need to constantly tell myself that now too)

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