The Community Way – Representation reimagined.

We’ve always believed in being pioneers and The Community Way promises to break new ground in the representation market and more importantly gives back. Our industry is in crisis and we want to help. All partners who join as a TCW member pay no fixed fee. We ask for contributions based on what you are willing to pay/business/introductions gleaned. We then donate 20% of those contributions to the NGO’s supported by Indian Experiences.

India Reimagined – Beyond the Bucketlist

Temple, after fort, after palace. There is so much more to India than this. Indian Experience’s list of Preferred Partners makes sure of it. Showcasing a living location by the people that live there. It goes without saying: there’s no better way to experience a place, than through the eyes of a local. Our Preferred Partners know their product inside out. In fact, they’ll take you to the places that even the locals don’t know about. From culinary walks through the backstreets of Lucknow to cycle tours in Old Delhi, you’ll see a totally new side to these historic destinations. Our selection of day experience providers ensures an exciting, expertly-curated, and most importantly reliable experience.

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Discovering Destinations Differently

Ever thought about a motor-cycle tour of Ladakh? Or learning how to block-print in Rajasthan? A textile tour in the NE, a white water rafting expedition, or horse riding safari?

Covering multiple destinations, Indian Experiences’ selection of Specialist Operators will create a tour for you like no other. Whether it’s your first or thirty-first trip to India, a special interest group or you’re just looking for something different: Indian Experiences guarantee that curated list of Specialist Operators are the best in their field. You name the location and we’ll showcase it in an entirely new way.

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NGO’s & Sustainable Travel

A touching way to add a meaningful encounter to any trip, the NGO Experiences we choose to support do not shy away from some of the more difficult aspects of travel in India. Home to some wonderfully inspiring NGOs, these uplifting experiences allows travelers to interact with cross-sections of society they otherwise would not, and establish a more in-depth understanding of this sometimes conflicting country. From female empowerment programs, children’s education, animal welfare, and conservation, there are countless ways visitors can experience these touching ventures. A great way to spread the message of responsible tourism.