Mallyka Baisa’s roots lie in Dundlod, Shekhawati which keep calling her back to do something for the local community.A soft heart for the homeland has inspired her to establish “A Baisa’s Adventures” which promises to offer curated experiences highlighting the culture of the region thereby bringing in sustainable development for her fraternity.
The essence of all these adventurous journeys is to explore the rugged landscape on the spirited indigenous Marwari horses, building a special bond with them while exploring and marvelling at the unique art and craft of Shekhawati.Hear her narrate stories about the frescoes of Shekhawati, local folklores, Discover the authentic taste of the local food; Experience the thrill of cycling around the countryside and enjoying camel cart rides. Step back in time to engage, immerse and evolve while experiencing the rural life in Rajasthan!