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consultants to the india travel trade

Globe Travel Centre wanted launch a premium brochure on India featuring exclusive and exciting itinerary ideas that were not akin any of the standard itineraries one sees on brochures. We wanted to celebrate India’s diversity and introduce a unique collection that gave travellers a choice of unforgettable experiences. A project like this required the involvement of someone who truly understood India and its nuances. Having worked with Philippa several years back when we were putting together our North India itinerary collection, I knew that there couldn’t be anyone better to lead this project than Indian Experiences. Working against some impossibly tight deadlines, Philippa and her team worked closely with us to launch our “10 Indian Holidays of a Lifetime” collection that is already garnering great reviews. The brochure would not have been possible without Indian Experience’s rich knowledge of India, their capacity to think out of the box, and their black book of contacts.”
Rajeev Rajam Prabhakaran, Managing Director / Globe Travel Centre

This what drives us at Indian Experiences. Clients who appreciate India’s diversity and working with them to produce experiences, marketing material and collateral which showcases that diversity. Clients who truly want to offer a tailored experience to their clients and get the message out there, that there is so much more to this extraordinary country than meets the eye.

Our team thrives on working with you to do exactly that.

Gwen Stephens Jones – Our website and social media specialist, both essential factors in today’s online world! Whether you need a new website or assistance in getting your existing website out to the market, Gwen will work tirelessly on the design to ensure that your website gives out exactly the right message to your client base. She will also help you in planning a social media campaign which will ensure that your clients past, present and future are kept up to date!

Neha Arora – Neha is fuelled by passion and determination, it is her mission to make travel to India accessible to all. Whatever a client’s disability, Neha and her fully trained team can ensure that they have an extraordinary visit to India. Nothing phases her, she has organised treks for the visually impaired, white water rafting for the physically challenged, and has thoroughly researched each destination so that for those who would like to experience India’s rich cultural diversity. She knows the best hotels, ways around the sights and has fully trained guides on hand to assist every step of the way. She also consults for hotels in ensuring that they are adapted or built in a way that disabled travellers are fully catered for.

Philippa Kaye – Product is what drives Philippa, whether curating exclusive sightseeing tours of individual cities to crafting itineraries that match your client demographic perfectly in order to give your company it’s USP’s. India isn’t a one size fits all destination, it has countless opportunities for every type of traveller, whether culture, culinary, wildlife, architecture, wellness travel to adventure junkies and more. Whatever the kind of holiday you specialise in, Philippa will ensure that you have the perfect product portfolio to ensure your client will be inspired.

‘Monuments provide the backdrop but people provide the experiences.’

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