Discovering Udaipur Differently

Discovering Udaipur Differently

Udaipur: The City of Lakes, the jewel in Rajasthan’s crown – it is without a doubt the most romantic of all of Rajasthan’s, and therefore possibly India’s, cities, and is a must-do on most tourists’ check-lists. With the majestic City Palace complex reflected in picturesque Lake Pichola, the Lake Palace shimmering like a mirage in the distance, with the stunning backdrop of the Aravali Hills – India’s oldest mountain range – it is easy to see why Udaipur really is a must-visit destination. But what most travellers to Udaipur do not know is that there are means and ways of discovering the city in unique and different ways so that the focus of a stay does not simply center on a City Palace Tour and the inevitable visit to the shops selling tourist tat.
Here at Indian Experiences we are excited to introduce three companies who are dedicated to opening the visitor’s eyes to a different Udaipur, offering an insight that is only possible through the eyes of passionate locals who go beyond the mainstream tourist spots and who are as committed as we are in helping travellers Discover India Differently.

Introducing Ente Yoga on International Yoga Day
Our most recent and welcome sign up is Ente Yoga, run by the lovely Seethu, who is a native of Kerala but has made Udaipur her home. Seethu combines her training as an architect and her Guru’s Yoga teachings to curate unique and authentic yoga experiences in the city, be it on the rooftop of a traditional haveli, or the premises of a 100 year old temple on the banks of Lake Pichola. She utilises local spaces to transform her yoga sessions into yoga experiences, so that the city becomes as much a part of the session as the yoga itself. Seethu and Ente Yoga can create bespoke retreats for groups, as well as individual one on one sessions over a period of days or a week, to just a one off session for those who really need to practice their yoga whilst traveling, or who are simply curious about dipping their toes for the first time. What better place to give yoga a go, than the beautiful city of Udaipur?


Yoga in Udaiour with Ente Yoga
Yoga with Seethu at Ente Yoga

The Spirit of Art Tour with Walk and Pedal Tours

Your host at Walk and Pedal Tours Udaipur, is Pushpendra, a native of Udaipur, whose ethos is to explore and showcase his home city and Rajasthani culture at a grass roots level. He is particularly passionate about showcasing the many art forms that Udaipur is famous for. On Pushpendra’s textile tours guests visit an indigo colour block printing centre, where is possible to see the entire complex process: from producing the indigo, dyeing the fabric, mud block printing, producing different design blocks for printing, washing, stitching, and cutting, as well as seeing the delicate art of embroidering fine and delicate cloth and garments. His tours boost some unique artisans too, whether they are producing intricate gold inlay work on decorative swords or Jal Sanji, the art of literally painting on water, which takes hours to create and lasts no more than 24 hours. These are all one of a kind crafts. Pushpendra is determined to take guests off the beaten track and away from the mainstream spots so that they can experience Udaipur through the eyes of locals, in particular local artisans, where amazing craftsmanship has been handed down through the generations.

Block Printing in Udaipur with Walk and Pedal
Block Printing in Udaipur with Walk and Pedal

Slow Travel on Two Wheels with Let’s Trip

Let’s Trip craft the most exhilarating bicycle tours for their guests in Udaipur and throughout Rajasthan. Making sure itineraries are cooked right to individual tastes with the perfect blend of culture, thrill, nature and safety; all in the right measure. They will take you around undiscovered countryside trails and expose you local Rajasthani culture, meeting local villagers en route while cycling through picturesque landscapes with minimum traffic to deal with. Let’s Trip try to accommodate all interests to take guests on a perfect local cycling experience. Coming good with their promise to leave guests with experiences that most locals have never been privy to, while importantly taking extreme care and precautions for safety standards at all times. A great way to explore Udaipur and the surrounding lakes, villages and trails of the Aravali.

discovering udaipur differently
Slow Travel in Udaipur’s countryside with Let’s Trip
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