Woods @ Sasan
Gir Forest Sasan, Gujarat

A Destination is more than its location, a hotel is more than a building, experiences are more than a way to pass the time, a holiday is more than just a stay in a hotel.

With this in mind, we bring you Woods at Sasan – A luxury lifestyle retreat.

What are the key elements when seeking a hotel?

The Location | The Excursions | The Aesthetics of the Building | The Cuisine | The People.

The setting is in an 8 acre mango orchard, the location is adjacent to Gir National Park. The Asiatic Lions remains one of India’s most successful conservation stories, but a visit to Woods at Sasan is about more than just a safari. It is about discoveries which lead to connections. it is their holistic approach in bringing you a series of opportunities to connect with the culture of the region, the wildlife, its people, the local tribal population, its art and crafts, its topography, its cuisines, the landscape and the opportunities that all of these offer.   To truly get to know a destination is to connect with all of its element and this is what 1000 Island Hotesl& Resorts Pvt bring you with Woods at Sasan, a first of its kind, lifestyle retreat.

At a Glance:

Experiences: Wildlife, Luxury.
Rooms: 19 Woods Studios, 12 Woods Pavilions, 6 Wood Studios with Terrace & 1 Woods Villa
Price: $$$/night
Location: Gir Forest Sasan, Gujarat

Hotel Overview

Hotel Story

Hotel Story

Woods at Sassan, the brainchild of Maulik Bhagat, to develop a unique concept in hospitality, a holistic wellbeing experience that was to combine eco design, nature and meaningful experiences. A resort that in as many ways as possible connects meaningfully with the environment, the land, the people, the culture, nature so that we are able to reconnect with the self.

His “Destination First’ approach is about the land, the nature, the indigenous people, the wildlife, the arts and crafts of a region, the food, of course the food as much as the build and all these connections had to be found and made.

The building has been carefully designed and planned to be fully eco aware. Materials were sourced locally, the stone, and the limestone plaster that was used, as well as traditional mud walls which adorn some of the interiors.  In keeping with the locale,  furnishings as far as possible were sourced locally or created locally to reflect the local crafts and culture, hand tooled wooden interiors, clay artwork, cane and rope weaving and of course, hand-spun khadi was always part of the plan.

The design focuses on nature, bringing the outside in. Huge glass, floor to ceiling doors, open decks, waterbodies in restaurants, spacious, individual spa units, at every opportunity there is the opportunity to connect with nature whilst ensuring that the property adheres to the tenets of eco design.

The overall theme was to focus on lifestyle. So much more than simply wellbeing, it is the combination of a host of elements, holistically drawn together then frame our lives, our health and our happiness. Our lifestyle is about the choices we make, the exercise we take, the food we eat, the activities we do, and the discoveries we make that become important to us.

What was key, was creating a host of activities that would enable you to discover. We believe that this discovery is your journey, not determined by us but facilitated by us. We offer a whole host of experiences which you may choose to do at your leisure, determined by your preferences and the journey you want to take. These can be nature based, spa based, food based, culture and local people based, or a combination of all of the above.



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