Journeys Through Delhi: Photography Tours with Heart

Journeys Through Delhi" Photography Tours with Heart

We are thrilled to introduce our most recent discovery and sign up – Journeys Through Delhi offer immersive walks in, you guessed it, Delhi! Led by the kind, warm and affable Vikram Kalra, an artist, both literally (he creates lovely pen and ink drawings of the historical sites of Delhi) and metaphorically, as he crafts fascinating photography walks throughout the city, bringing the people and stories of this crazy city to life.

Whether your interests lie in photography, as an amateur or professional, Vikram will tailor the walk to suit your personal interests, be it people, monuments, bazaars, cuisine or a specific historic period of multi faceted Delhi.

It safe to say that there was some food involved in my walk (hooray and naturally!) and whilst I can’t claim that my photography has suddenly come on leaps and bounds, my excuse is that the two of us were far too busy nattering away for around 4 hours to really concentrate on the photography side of thing!

I had previously visited Mehrauli in 2016, but visiting the sufi shrine, the abandoned fort and the busy bazaars was such a pleasure with Vikram, and as we always say, it’s the people not the monuments who make India what it so special.

Welcome on board to Journeys Through Delhi.

You can read more about Journeys Through Delhi and Vikram’s Photography Tours on our website

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