Discover Jaipur differently on a cycling tour with ‘Le Tour de India.’ They operate two different tours depending on your preference, but both are early in the morning to avoid the traffic and experience India as it is waking up, a magical time. Pedal to Heritage is their flagship activity in Jaipur, which enables you to discover the narrow lanes of the old city, discover the ancient culture and architecture of this historic city. Sample some local street food, visit old havelis and sacred temples and participate in morning prayers with the devotees in the palace temple. Their Village Cycle Safari starts on the outskirts of Jaipur takes you through the Nahagarh Hills and local villages, less explored country lanes where one can witness rural activities and life surrounding this busy, historic city. The tour ends at the wonderful Samode Palace.  Other cycle tours are available and it is possible to curate your own or join a group to meet fellow travelers.