What makes Secrets of India stand apart is its professional travel management which combines professionalism with personalized service. At the heart of this approach is our effort to see things from the perspective of our customers and what they expect from their travel.

As a result, we design our itineraries around our travelers’ and do not simply suggest a straight-jacketed, ‘One size fits all tour.’ We listen to clients requirements and are intuitive in adding experiences which will ensure a trip which has been curated with their expectations in mind. For example, if a person is keen on visiting a city, which is known for its bird sanctuary, we also suggest another list of places where birds fly in during winters from faraway Siberia.  If they are interested in Indian food, we suggest great restaurants, learn to cook experiences and visits to local markets to tailor the itinerary specifically for them. Whatever the requirement, we ensure that we always suggest various optional add-ons to the main itinerary for our guests to pick and choose from.

We approach travel from a holistic perspective. With Secrets of India, this vast country is not just a place that you visit, or monuments that you see, or the people that you interact with, or a cuisine that you relish—we bring alive the entire experience—history takes the form of stories, places turn into drama and people take you into their hearts.