Introducing Tons Trails: Sustainable Community Focused Tourism in Uttarakhand

Tons Trails sustainable travel
tons trails sustainable travel in the Himalayas
Stay and experience the local way of life with Tons Trails

Our latest addition to the Indian Experiences family is Tons Trails, a fabulous community minded, ethical travel organisation, who specialises in travel to the remote Tons Valley in Uttarakhand.
Working closely with the local communities of these off the beaten track Himalayan villages, they train, support and develop community based tourism initiatives, where travelers who are looking for authentic, unique, traditional and sustainable experiences in an India that very few people have been lucky enough to enjoy.
Rich in folklore, traditional livelihoods, culture and food, the Tons Valleys and mountains offer a world rarely seen and, thankfully, largely untouched by the negative aspects of mass tourism.
For more information on this brilliant organisation and what they offer visit their website page:

Tone Trails Sustainable Tourism in the Himalayas
Experience warm hospitality and traditional way of life with Tons Trails
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